Those who undertake the challenge of writing about music – theorists, historians, critics, poets, journalists – learn quickly that music does not yield to verbal description very easily.

We at NMC welcome all of you who take up this challenge. But because we receive a large number of submissions and have limited space (we insist on remaining a print magazine), we suggest you first contact us with a brief proposal about what you're writing about.

Most of our content falls into one of the following categories: concert reviews; CD or DVD reviews; book reviews; essays (personal or theoretical); interviews; games (crossword puzzles, acrostics, etc.), in that order. Keep in mind that NMC is focused on "the works of composers of the 20th and 21st centuries." By that we mean composers of concert music (orchestral, chamber,choral), electronic and electro-acoustic music, opera and music-theater -- the kind of music composer Otto Luening once described as the "R&D of the music business." In other words, not hip-hop, R&B, movie or TV soundtracks or musicals; yes, these genres are also works of composers of the 20th & 21st centuries, but that music is amply covered in other publications and media. We post the previous three issues on this website, and selected pieces from all our back issues, so first have a look to get a good idea of what we publish. There are no restrictions on style or length, though most pieces are no longer than 1,500 words.

We pay an honorarium anywhere between $50 - $200, depending on length and scope.

Send your submissions and/or query to